2017 Hard Rock Cafe Origin Squads Announced!


28th July 2017

The squads have been announced for the 2017 Hard Rock Cafe London Origin Series which takes place in September 2017.

The aim of the series is to provide additional and more challenging playing opportunities for players, aiming to secure a place with the London Broncos on their Under 16 and Under 19 Academy programmes. Origin is the first step on the player pathway towards professional rugby league in London and the South East. The matches are used to assist the London Broncos in their recruitment and selection of players for their Scholarship and Academy programmes. The programme also provides development opportunities for coaches and extends the playing season for club players in London and the South East.

The programme is proudly sponsored by long term supporters of rugby league in London, Hard Rock Cafe London. 

The series will take place at under 14, Under 15 and Under 17, with matches on Saturday 16th September at London Skolars and Saturday 30th September at Hemel Stags. The three age groups squads are as follows:


Under 14s South 

Bryn Bradley (Elmbridge Eagles)

Titus Briggs (Rutlish Raiders)

Joe Butler (Surrey Sharks)

Ben Cox (Elmbridge Eagles)

Maric Gomez (Surrey Sharks)

Archie Gordon-Smith (Rutlish Raiders)

Will Haywood (Invicta Panthers)

Jarvis Hines (Rutlish Raiders)

Elijah Hiscock-Smith (Elmbridge Eagles)

Jack Howorth (Elmbridge Eagles)

Ned Klasener (Rutlish Raiders)

Nathan Kosbab (Elmbridge Eagles)

Bill Leyland (Invicta Panthers)

Kaden Pearce-Paul (Invicta Panthers)

Alastair Reed (Surrey Sharks)

Joe Rees (Invicta Panthers)

Ben Shields (Surrey Sharks)

Finlay Smith (Invicta Panthers)

Ewan Stacey (Elmbridge Eagles)

Archie Strudwick (Invicta Panthers)


Under 14s North

Max Allen (Hemel Stags)

Ashley Beer (Richmond Rugby League)

Seb Burns-Pegler (Richmond Rugby League)

Cole Devine (Hemel Stags)

Owen Glover (Richmond Rugby League)

Chris Grint (Hemel Stags)

Archie Holding (Brentwood Eels)

Joe Hurding (London Skolars)

Oscar Jansen (Richmond Rugby League)

Adam Jolly (Hemel Stags)

Kieran Mooney (Brentwood Eels)

Max Morphey (Hemel Stags)

George Perry (Hemel Stags)

Tom Quill (London Skolars)

Joe Ridgewell (Brentwood Eels)

Josh Robson-Groom (Brentwood Eels)

Oluwafemi Sanya (Brentwood Eels)

Finn Sharp (London Skolars)

Ewie Vickers (Richmond Rugby League)

Oliver Woodward (London Skolars)


Under 15s South

Tommy Atilola (Invicta Panthers)

Sean Baker (Oxford Cavaliers)

Finn Carter (Richmond Rugby League)

Joe Collier (Invicta Panthers)

Finn Collins (Richmond Rugby League)

Angus Dunhill (Rutlish Raiders)

Alfonso Fenandez (Rutlish Raiders)

Jesse Fuller (Invicta Panthers)

Jamie Humphries (Elmbridge Eagles)

Tristan Jenkins (Invicta Panthers)

Sam Leeves (Elmbridge Eagles)

Isiah Lowe-Stewart (Rutlish Raiders)

Will McColl (Invicta Panthers)

Rowland Omoniyi (Invicta Panthers)

Marcus Reading (Oxford Cavaliers)

Ramon Silva (Elmbridge Eagles)

George Starkey (Elmbridge Eagles)

Finlay Steer (Elmbridge Eagles)

Jamie Whitwell (Oxford Cavaliers)

Nicholas Wright (Elmbridge Eagles)


Under 15s North

Bailey Albert (Brentwood Eels)

Ewan Banner (Eastern Rhinos)

Matt Cannon (Hemel Stags)

Billy Cartwright (Hemel Stags)

Tom Chuter (Brentwood Eels)

Harry Crelin (Brentwood Eels)

Alex Deery (London Skolars)

Tommy Fraine (London Skolars)

Will Hammond (Brentwood Eels)

Elliot Hutchings (Hemel Stags)

Richard Junior Bio (Hemel Stags)

Kaylum Lewin (London Skolars)

Dylan Marshall (Brentwood Eels)

Louis O'Sullivan (Hemel Stags)

Max Pyatt (London Skolars)

Zack Saggers (Brentwood Eels)

Ben Smith (Hemel Stags)

Jayden Whitman-Wilson (London Skolars)

Sean Wilkes (Hemel Stags)

Harry Worsfold (Brentwood Eels)


Under 17s South

Emmanuel Ajayi (Brixton Bulls)

Jude Ajibewa (Invicta Panthers)

Anthony Alapini (Invicta Panthers)

James Ansell (Bromley Bengals)

Sam Baigent (Richmond Rugby League)

Chris Ball (Richmond Rugby League)

Sean Belbin (Elmbridge Eagles)

Oliver Faux (Invicta Panthers)

Calum Hales (Richmond Rugby League)

Sam Hamilton (Richmond Rugby League)

Ryan Hewlett (Bromley Bengals)

Louis Hoad (Bromley Bengals)

Duncan Hunt (Bromley Bengals)

Liam Massingham (Invicta Panthers)

Austin Millward (Richmond Rugby League)

Ronan O'Shea (Elmbridge Eagles)

Mykea Perry (Bromley Bengals)

Oliver Shore (Richmond Rugby League)

Taz Van Dyke (Elmbridge Eagles) 

Ned Warren (Bromley Bengals)


Under 17s North

Gabe Ackley (London Skolars)

George Ackland-Shannon (Eastern Rhinos)

David Baker (Brentwood Eels)

Luka Bejanidze (London Skolars)

Ellis Bisgrove (Hemel Stags)

Ollie Booth (Oxford Cavaliers)

Tom Giroud (Brentwood Eels)

Ben Hodgson (Hemel Stags)

Joe Hunter (Hemel Stags)

Sam Jolly (Hemel Stags)

Charlie Liversage (Oxford Cavaliers)

Tom Medaglia (Brentwood Eels)

Robert Oakley (Eastern Rhinos)

Josh Parkhouse (North Herts Crusaders)

Jack Petre (North Herts Crusaders)

Fraser Piercey-Farley (London Skolars)

Will Prior (London Skolars)

Harry Pyke (Brentwood Eels)

Ed Shaw (Hemel Stags)

Ed White (London Skolars)